Zen and the Art of System Monitoring

System monitoring is an essential but often-overlooked part of production software deployment. It’s as critical as security but rarely given the same attention.

By overlooked, we don’t necessarily mean ignored. Novice operations folks know that monitoring is needed, and most environments do have some basic alarms in place. Even if it’s just the sales department screaming “The website’s down!”—which can be effective, but perhaps not optimal.

There isn’t (yet) a standard methodology for monitoring, and there really ought to be.

So let’s change that.

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Lessons learned – the SaaStr podcast with Steve Newman

Being a serial entrepreneur brings home lessons on scale

Recently, Scalyr’s Founder and CEO Steve Newman chatted with Harry  Stebbins of @SaaStr to discuss a myriad of topics and lessons from Steve’s startups, including Writely and Scalyr

The conversation was wide ranging and quite informative. Steve talks about the toughest problem faced as a technologist becoming CEO (people management) and why small-scale data can be a distraction will ramping up.  He covers why delaying build out in Customer Success makes for a better product. 

Finishing up with the always-fun quick fire round, Steve and Harry continue to deliver both the fun and the information in rapid-fire mode.

Take a moment to listen in to the SaaStr podcast and share the lessons forward.