Introducing deeper support for Kubernetes, collaboration features and stack tracing for easier troubleshooting

As the move to the cloud and containers continues to make software delivery faster and easier, environments are getting more complex. At Scalyr, we believe that observability solutions need to help engineering and operations teams get access to all the data they need, fast. Along those lines, we are announcing new features to help teams support the latest container and orchestration technologies, improve collaboration, and streamline workflows for faster and easier issue identification and resolution.

Kubernetes Cluster-Level Logging

Our new Kubernetes cluster-level logging enables engineering teams to effectively monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes environments by centralizing and visualizing logs by deployment. Regardless of source, Scalyr intelligently ingests, parses and organizes logs to give developers an application-level view for faster issue resolution in complex container environments.

As shown in the screenshot above, users are presented with log summaries by deployment  rather than by each individual container. The automatic grouping of logs pertaining to a deployment gives developers a more holistic view of each application or service that may be running on multiple containers and pods. Insight into individual pods and nodes is also available but that level of detail is abstracted by default so developers can focus on their application right away.

Chart Annotations

For many of the complex software issues faced by engineers, increased collaboration is key to finding solutions quickly.  To improve collaboration between engineering and operations and between different engineering teams, our new chart annotations provide a way for users to call attention to specific points or windows of time with markers and customizable notes. Annotations can be manually added to dashboard charts to highlight potential issues and shared with any team member. This improves communication and productivity among engineering team members, giving them additional context to more quickly hone in on the specific logs related to the problem at hand.

Slack Integration

We’ve extended our integration with Slack to provide more native interaction within the Scalyr UI.  When viewing a chart, users can select “Share with Slack” from the Share dropdown menu and immediately send the chart to another user or channel in Slack.

Stack Trace Linking

Scalyr now makes it possible to jump directly from log events with stack traces into the reference source code in your repositories. This streamlines your debugging workflow, making it faster and simpler to get under the hood, make tweaks, test hypothesis, and ultimately solve problems. Investigating exceptions is now as easy as one mouse-click. Scalyr supports any web-accessible repository such as GitHub.

CloudWatch Support

We’ve improved our support for AWS CloudWatch to provide a simpler and more reliable way to import AWS logs. By importing your AWS logs into Scalyr, you’ll get a centralized and more holistic view of all of your services, including serverless AWS Lambda functions and other AWS services.

We will be releasing these new features in the coming weeks. If you’ll be at AWS re:Invent 2018, be sure to swing by Booth 1014 to catch a demo.

Lessons learned – the SaaStr podcast with Steve Newman

Being a serial entrepreneur brings home lessons on scale

Recently, Scalyr’s Founder and CEO Steve Newman chatted with Harry  Stebbins of @SaaStr to discuss a myriad of topics and lessons from Steve’s startups, including Writely and Scalyr

The conversation was wide ranging and quite informative. Steve talks about the toughest problem faced as a technologist becoming CEO (people management) and why small-scale data can be a distraction will ramping up.  He covers why delaying build out in Customer Success makes for a better product. 

Finishing up with the always-fun quick fire round, Steve and Harry continue to deliver both the fun and the information in rapid-fire mode.

Take a moment to listen in to the SaaStr podcast and share the lessons forward.

Do you remember that night in September?

Specifically the 26th – 28th of September 2018?

Scalyr definitely will as we head to Houston for the annual Grace Hopper Celebration. We are excited to be sponsoring the event for the first time. A handful of the team will be there to meet other women in technology and attend the various sessions. In particular, I’m excited about hearing from Padmasree Warrior (CEO & Chief Development Officer) and Priscilla Chan (Co-founder of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative).

This will be my second time attending the conference. It’s inspiring to think back to the history of women in computing and remember the impact that people like Grace Hopper have had on our industry. I’m excited that Scalyr is participating for the first time. We will have a booth and will be there to talk to people about Scalyr and attend as many of the events as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about the hard technical challenges our team is facing,  be sure to swing by and visit us in booth #4951. We’d love to tell you more about our product, technology and company culture.
“If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it. It’s much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.” – Grace Hopper

Scalyr Recognized as an Industry Leader

We’re a Forbes Cloud 100 “Rising Star” and 2018 SaaS Awards Winner!

We have some great news to share! Over the last month, Scalyr was named a Cloud 100 Rising Star for 2018 by Forbes, and won the 2018 SaaS Awards Program in the category “Best SaaS Product for Web/App Development.” These award wins recognize our continued commitment to ensuring our customers and the enterprise have the fastest, most accessible log management capabilities available.

The Cloud 100 Rising Stars are the 20 fastest-growing cloud companies poised for the Forbes Cloud 100 list. According to Forbes, “The Forbes Cloud 100 represents a who’s who of the biggest and best private companies in the cloud, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Right behind this year’s winners is a new crop of underdogs, breakout up-and-comers in cloud computing who are looking to follow in their footsteps—or even come for their laurels.” The full list of Rising Stars with more details can be found here.

In its third year, the Software-as-a-Service Awards accepted entries from over 200 organizations from across the globe, including the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and EMEA. Scalyr’s log management platform took home the trophy for “Best SaaS Product for Web/App Development” for its speed, simplicity, and shareability. The full list of this year’s winners can be viewed here.

SaaS Awards and Cloud Awards organizer Larry Johnson said: “With so many potential winners on the shortlist, we hope our choices have proven thought-provoking, offering a real showcase of the diversity of today’s SaaS offerings. This year’s winners really do represent the entire globe, with extra non-US categories helping to showcase this innovation, from established organizations serving many customers to disruptive start-ups catering to a niche.”

Our small but mighty and growing team is truly humbled to receive such prestigious recognition. We are pushing software engineering to the next level so our customers can quickly and effectively solve issues in today’s cloud-based world. The future of web development calls for real-time alerting, as well as predictive and prescriptive analysis, so companies can identify problems before they arise. These awards acknowledge that Scalyr gives organizations the tools they need to head in this direction and we can’t wait to pave that path even further with future product innovations.

See for yourself why Scalyr is leading the industry with a free trial. Or come join us in building the next generation of software tools.

Scalyr updates: Tabular search results, log lines in alerts and more

Last month, we fixed a pile of bugs and added two of our most highly requested features. If you’re curious about which bugs we fixed, we list them in our weekly release notes at

Tabular Search Results

In addition to our standard side-scrolling log search results, we’ve added a new table view mode. If you’re searching through fairly heterogeneous logs, having the just the field values shown in columns makes it much easier to see patterns and find things.

To try table mode, just bring up the Display Settings dialog, and choose the table radio button under “Display log entries in…”. You can pick what to show as columns from the list of parsed fields plus from the system fields checkboxes.

Another nice benefit in using a table is that you can be more exact when filtering. In the screenshot above, I’ve used the mouse to select the ‘prune_rate’ value for the ‘path5’ field. If I click the FILTER FOR button, the query becomes “path5 contains ‘prune_rate‘”, instead of just “prune_rate”.

Log Lines in Alert Emails

Usually it’s easier to spot problems when you can see a visual trend, especially when you’ve got obvious spikes in a timeline or dashboard graph. There are other times, though, when one glance at a terribly familiar log line can tell the tale even better.

Raw log lines are so verbose that we’re not turning them on for everyone, but you can request them by dropping us an email at

Obscured API Keys

For security or compliance purposes, you may be required to keep your API keys hidden from view in Scalyr.  We’ve added the ability to only show them when you create them, but keep them obfuscated on the client thereafter.

If you would like to turn this setting on, email us at


Got an idea, feedback or questions?  Email us at

Where in the World is Scalyr?

As the summer ends, it’s time to get back into the swing of things for the Scalyr team. We’re going to be out and about from September thru December and we would enjoy you stopping by to talk about how logs impact you, hear a few war stories (and maybe share a few), and catch you up on our latest technology.

September kicks off with PagerDuty Summit in San Francisco, CA happening September 10-12, 2018. PagerDuty is helping to define and drive the future of the practice of DevOps and Scalyr is pleased to be sponsoring the Summit. Scalyr will be in the Colonia Room on the Mezzanine Level and we want to meet all of you.

Scalyr will also be at DevOpsDays in Portland, OR, September 11-13, 2018. We’ve had the privilege of being part of a number of DevOpsDays around the United States and are fascinated by both the depth and breadth of knowledge the attendees share with us. Every show has been different and fascinating, so please stop by and tell us about what you do.

Jenkins World kicks off  on September 16th,,2018 in San Francisco.  Along with being on the show floor, Scalyr’s CEO and Founder, Steve Newman, will be speaking on what it takes to build operational visibility for modern design and scale.  We’re in booth #201, so drop by and chat with us.

And we finish out the month with the Grace Hopper Celebration on September 26-28, 2018 in Houston, TX. GHC, produced by the, is the largest gathering of women technologists in the world. Please stop by booth #4951 and meet some of our skilled engineering team and learn more about our product, our technology, and culture of diversity.

So, as you can see, September is a busy month for Scalyr. If you don’t have a chance to meet us at one of these events keep watching this space, because there are more coming up in 2018.

Scalyr updates: Usability on alerts, graphs, Live Tail, and more

Last month, we focused on usability improvements in our Scalyr Platform releases. These include better alerts, tweaks to the graph legend, live tail improvements, adding scrolling to the search fields sidebar and improving times and dates in search results.

This page shows the alerts and responses set up in Scalyr


There are lots of usability goodies in this batch of alerts improvements. Amongst other changes, we made the display faster and filterable with a tabbed display that separates alerts by state (triggered, muted, etc.). This lets you zero in on stuff that matters and ignore the rest. And for those of you with lots of alerts, we’ve added infinite scrolling so that the page comes up much faster. Read more about alerts.


We added a master checkbox on the legend so can click “all” or “none” to get to the view you need. We also added a mouseover so you can see on the legend what plot you’re looking at. Read more about graphs.

Live Tail

We heard your feedback on Live Tail! It now flows smoothly, giving you continuous updates with better viewability and the ability to start and stop easily.

Dates and times

We separated the date and time displays in your search results and now give you absolute times relative to UTC.

Field sidebar

We made the field sidebar scrollable instead of paginated and gave you the ability to filter on fields by name. Read more about fields sidebar.

Going forward

We are developing Scalyr with the engineering front line in mind, and with a focus on our three value pillars – fast, simple, and shareable.

In the coming months, we will focus on observability for container and serverless environments; enhance your stakeholders’ experience; and improve report creation, scheduling, and distribution.


Your product (or any) feedback is always welcome. Please reach out to us at

The Summer of #SmoothScalin

Welcome to the summer of #SmoothScalin.

Hi, I’m Brett, a rising junior in college, I’ve taken surprisingly few classes that really take a deep dive into my majors, Information Systems, and Marketing. With graduation on the horizon, this used to concern me because I felt unprepared to enter the working world as graduation looms on the horizon. However, this summer I was fortunate enough to land a marketing operations internship at Scalyr. I’ve gained experience, confidence, a network, and a few really cool t-shirts.

After being at Scalyr for six weeks, I can confidently say I’ve learned more about marketing and what it’s like to work at a fast-paced startup than I have in two years of undergrad business classes. While I may be an intern, I’ve had a chance to work in depth on many projects ranging from designing and building landing pages to creative brainstorming for projects and engagements. One of the projects I’ve been working on is #SmoothScalin and I’m pleased to share it with you now.

What is #SmoothScalin?

#SmoothScalin is a program benefiting engineers and DevOps teams at startups. Early days for a startup can be like rough waters (believe us, we know!), especially as your team grows and – especially if you’re delivering software -as you start really ramping development. So, to help you meet the challenges that that growth can bring, we want to give you access to Scalyr. We use Scalyr to monitor our own system, which helps a ton because we’re moving super fast (don’t worry, we have a backup to help us avoid recursive errors). But enough about that; let me get to the offer!

In short, we’re offering one free year (from now until October 31, 2019) of Scalyr’s blazing-fast log management platform to startups that have received their A or B series funding within the last year.

Why should you sign up for #SmoothScalin?

Plain and simple: You get a log management platform that will help your entire team aggregate, monitor, manage, and search all of your log files. We promise you will be blown away by our speed, simplicity, and shareability. And when you’re on the front line of software delivery, that means something. Our ability to search 1.5 TBs of logs per second will totally reduce the amount of time you spend troubleshooting and debugging time. What that means to you is the same query that takes you 15 minutes in your traditional log management tool will take you less than one second in Scalyr. Besides being wicked fast, we’re also simple to use. How many hours have you spent futzing around with the query language in those traditional tools (or waiting in line for the PhD guru gatekeeper who knows how to do it – ugh!). Finally, Scalyr is shareable. We don’t mean we have a share button (okay, we do have a share button), but that the whole team can use it. Traditional tools either charge by the user, slow way down, or the company will throttle your usage. We don’t. The whole darn team can pound the crap out of Scalyr and you’ll be fine. We’re architected for this sort of thing.

What does your free year look like?

You’ll receive all the features of the Scalyr platform, along with the ability to add as many users as you want. We will also offer support and setup assistance for those who would like it. Also, you can upload up to 5GB/day of log volume on a 15-day retention. (Note that anything over the 5GB/day amount will be charged at our per GB list price of $40 per month, so it’ll still be a steal for you if you’re lucky (and good!) enough to grow fast and generate a ton of data!)

Pretty straightforward, right?

So what do you need to do?

Start by checking out the details on #SmoothScalin.
Then submit your application and we’ll take it from there.

And if you want to know more about Scalyr, check out the information on our homepage.

Not a startup who’s raised an A or B round, but still dogged by slow, complex, or non-shareable log management? Check us out anyway because we’re still a great deal. Check out our customer love on G2 Crowd, or if you’re more of a starched-shirt type, read why Gartner named us a Cool Vendor.

And may your summer (and the entire year) be #SmoothScalin.

Scalyr Platform: Batch Log Export, Alerting, and UI

In the Scalyr platform, releases over the past month include batch log export to Amazon S3 and alerting and UI improvements.

Batch Log Export to Amazon S3

We will make batch log export available on June 11, allowing you to filter logs and export them to Amazon S3. This lets you archive log data for compliance purposes, store them for future use, or include them in your CRM or ticketing system. Moreover, the exports run in the background in Scalyr. Users receive email notifications when they are completed. You can read more at Batch Export to Amazon S3.

Scalyr Alert Email
Scalyr Alert Email

Alerting Improvements

As part of our effort to improve alerting, we’re making email notifications easier to use. We have grouped alerts into “new,” “ongoing,” and “resolved” sections, making new issues stand out more clearly. Additionally, each alert now provides direct, deep links to the exact spot in Scalyr search or graphs for the alert time range (or the current time).

User Interface Improvements

We have upgraded the UI, including adding expandable dashboard legends so you can make better sense of what you’re seeing.

Scalyr Dashboard Expandable Legend
Scalyr Dashboard Expandable Legend

Going Forward

We are developing Scalyr for the engineering front line with a focus on our three value pillars: fast, simple, and shareable.

We will continue to revamp common workflows to refine the user experience. Right now, we are focusing on alerts. Soon, we will add improved alert management, including bulk actions and better silencing options, plus a more useful alert landing page.


Your product (or any) feedback is always welcome. Please reach out to us at