Introducing Christine Heckart, Scalyr’s new CEO

It seems like just yesterday that I announced that Scalyr had raised Series A. It was a big step for the company. We’ve been pretty capital efficient, so we weren’t short on cash, but the opportunities in front of us were such that it made sense to take that step to accelerate our growth.

2018 was another big year for Scalyr. We grew our customer base to over 300 paying customers, an increase of more than 100%. Our team doubled last year and it needs to double again this year; we need more great engineers and more great salespeople that really understand developers and their needs.  And now we’re taking another big step to accelerate our growth: I’m thrilled to announce that Christine Heckart has joined Scalyr as our new Chief Executive Officer.

In case you’re just tuning in: the person Christine is replacing is me. As I told the team at the internal announcement, “this is an upgrade”. Scalyr is an amazing adventure, and it’s been a privilege for me to lead this team for the last 7 years. I’ve grown a lot as a person in the process. But Scalyr is growing faster. 🙂

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Introducing deeper support for Kubernetes, collaboration features and stack tracing for easier troubleshooting

As the move to the cloud and containers continues to make software delivery faster and easier, environments are getting more complex. At Scalyr, we believe that observability solutions need to help engineering and operations teams get access to all the data they need, fast. Along those lines, we are announcing new features to help teams support the latest container and orchestration technologies, improve collaboration, and streamline workflows for faster and easier issue identification and resolution.

Kubernetes Cluster-Level Logging

Our new Kubernetes cluster-level logging enables engineering teams to effectively monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes environments by centralizing and visualizing logs by deployment. Regardless of source, Scalyr intelligently ingests, parses and organizes logs to give developers an application-level view for faster issue resolution in complex container environments.

As shown in the screenshot above, users are presented with log summaries by deployment  rather than by each individual container. The automatic grouping of logs pertaining to a deployment gives developers a more holistic view of each application or service that may be running on multiple containers and pods. Insight into individual pods and nodes is also available but that level of detail is abstracted by default so developers can focus on their application right away.

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Do you remember that night in September?

Specifically the 26th – 28th of September 2018?

Scalyr definitely will as we head to Houston for the annual Grace Hopper Celebration. We are excited to be sponsoring the event for the first time. A handful of the team will be there to meet other women in technology and attend the various sessions. In particular, I’m excited about hearing from Padmasree Warrior (CEO & Chief Development Officer) and Priscilla Chan (Co-founder of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative).

This will be my second time attending the conference. It’s inspiring to think back to the history of women in computing and remember the impact that people like Grace Hopper have had on our industry. I’m excited that Scalyr is participating for the first time. We will have a booth and will be there to talk to people about Scalyr and attend as many of the events as possible.

If you’d like to learn more about the hard technical challenges our team is facing,  be sure to swing by and visit us in booth #4951. We’d love to tell you more about our product, technology and company culture.
“If it’s a good idea, go ahead and do it. It’s much easier to apologize than it is to get permission.” – Grace Hopper

Scalyr Recognized as an Industry Leader

We’re a Forbes Cloud 100 “Rising Star” and 2018 SaaS Awards Winner!

We have some great news to share! Over the last month, Scalyr was named a Cloud 100 Rising Star for 2018 by Forbes, and won the 2018 SaaS Awards Program in the category “Best SaaS Product for Web/App Development.” These award wins recognize our continued commitment to ensuring our customers and the enterprise have the fastest, most accessible log management capabilities available.

The Cloud 100 Rising Stars are the 20 fastest-growing cloud companies poised for the Forbes Cloud 100 list. According to Forbes, “The Forbes Cloud 100 represents a who’s who of the biggest and best private companies in the cloud, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Right behind this year’s winners is a new crop of underdogs, breakout up-and-comers in cloud computing who are looking to follow in their footsteps—or even come for their laurels.” The full list of Rising Stars with more details can be found here.

In its third year, the Software-as-a-Service Awards accepted entries from over 200 organizations from across the globe, including the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and EMEA. Scalyr’s log management platform took home the trophy for “Best SaaS Product for Web/App Development” for its speed, simplicity, and shareability. The full list of this year’s winners can be viewed here.

SaaS Awards and Cloud Awards organizer Larry Johnson said: “With so many potential winners on the shortlist, we hope our choices have proven thought-provoking, offering a real showcase of the diversity of today’s SaaS offerings. This year’s winners really do represent the entire globe, with extra non-US categories helping to showcase this innovation, from established organizations serving many customers to disruptive start-ups catering to a niche.”

Our small but mighty and growing team is truly humbled to receive such prestigious recognition. We are pushing software engineering to the next level so our customers can quickly and effectively solve issues in today’s cloud-based world. The future of web development calls for real-time alerting, as well as predictive and prescriptive analysis, so companies can identify problems before they arise. These awards acknowledge that Scalyr gives organizations the tools they need to head in this direction and we can’t wait to pave that path even further with future product innovations.

See for yourself why Scalyr is leading the industry with a free trial. Or come join us in building the next generation of software tools.

September 2016 Product Updates: The New UI Gets Even More Powerful…

We’ve added a lot of features to the New UI this month and we’re excited to share them with you. If you haven’t given it a try, now is a great time to join the large body of Scalyr users who have switched over.

New UI to become default on October 10th


Last year we began a ground-up rewrite of the Scalyr interface. Our goal was to preserve the speed and power that made people love Scalyr, while making it easier to learn, quicker to use, and – let’s face it – easier on the eyes.

We’ve been testing this new UI (appropriately dubbed….the New UI) over the past few months and steadily making improvements along the way. We’re now ready to jump into the deeper end of the pool:

We’ll be flipping the switch to make the New UI the default choice starting on October 10th. (Note – The original UI will still be available for a while, but you’ll have to enable it on a per-session basis.)

If there’s a reason you prefer our original UI or are hesitant to switch, please let us know! We’re working hard to make this an easy transition.


Try the New UI Now


1) Distributions



Distributions (previously known as “Histograms”) show you a breakdown of the values in a numeric field by frequency. A graph only provides basic statistics such as average or 90th percentile. Distribution view shows how the values break down in detail.

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August 2016 Product Updates: New UI Beta, Breakdown Graphs, SNMP support, and more…

Here at Scalyr we’ve been hard at work on some major product improvements, and we’re pleased to share the fruits of those labors.

1) New UI Beta:  Logs & Graphs


A screenshot of Scalyr's new UI


Last year we began a ground-up rewrite of the Scalyr interface. Our goal was to preserve the speed and power that made people love Scalyr while making it easier to learn, quicker to use, and – let’s face it – easier on the eyes.

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Scalyr is Hiring!

This is a post I’ve been looking forward to writing. We’re entering a new stage at Scalyr, and we’re looking for a few strong engineers — frontend, backend, and devops — to join us as we reinvent system monitoring and log analysis from the ground up, and bring Google Search levels of power and responsiveness to operations visibility.

Here’s why this matters to you: we have a small, tight team (lots of room for personal growth), traction, plenty of runway, a low-stress culture, and meaty problems to tackle. Want to be part of an awesome founding team (and draw a real salary while you’re at it)? We’re aiming high, rethinking everything from how to manage huge data sets to how engineers interact with their tools.

Sure, you’re doing fine in your current job. But if you love building and using great tools, you can do better than “fine”.

If you’d like to have a low-pressure chat about what we’re up to, check out Scalyr Careers to learn more about us, then drop me a line at

One API for All Your Server Logs

Our goal at Scalyr is to provide sysadmins and DevOps engineers with a single log monitoring tool that replaces the hodgepodge of tools they were previously using. We’ve come a long way in doing that. Today, Scalyr is a unified, cloud-based tool that lets you aggregate multiple server logs, monitor and analyze them, set custom log alerts, and create custom dashboards. Still, we work hard to continue improving and making it an even more useful tool for you, and we listen closely to users’ feedback.Read More